What types of plugs are used in Arusha? 

Sockets are generally UK style (3 pin square plugs). Tanzania uses 220 volts/AC50Hz.

How do I pay at the Outpost and around Arusha? 

Cash and credit card (Visa and Mastercard) are accepted here and in many places around Arusha. Travellers’ Cheques are no longer acceptable, and need to be exchanged with a picture ID at a bank. Credit cards in Tanzania are commissionable and a fee is normally attached (between 4% and 6%).

Which airports are in Arusha? 

Kilimanjaro International Airport is located an hour east of Arusha (40 KM). Arusha does have another domestic Airport which is located on the western outskirts of Arusha city, most flights to national parks and other Tanzanian cities use this airport. It is about half an hours’ drive from the Outpost.

How do I get a sim card in Arusha? 

Several cellular phone networks operate in Tanzania, there is excellent signal in the Arusha city area and good signal around Tanzania. Sim cards and phone credit are easily available with data packages with 3G and 4G. A passport is required for sim card registration.

What is the climate in Arusha like? 

Tanzania’s climate is predominantly tropical, with the hottest months from October to February. The long rains are from mid-March to late May, and the short rains in November/December. The cooler months are from June to August, where the nights and early mornings in Arusha can be cold.

Telling the time in Swahili is different to telling the time in English 

Tanzanian time is GMT + 3.

Swahili time is based around there being 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Each cycle begins at daybreak or sunset.

7 a.m. is the first daylight hour, so it is 1 a.m. in Swahili time. 7 p.m. is the first evening hour, so it is 1 p.m. Swahili time.